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BEST Calisthenic Workouts for beginners!

Top 10 Best Calisthenic Workouts for strengthening your muscles!


What Are Calisthenics?? Calisthenic exercises are bodyweight only workouts, like pushups and situps. Cathetics take longer to see results, but if you consistently keep up with them you will see amazing definition and strength.

    I recently tried calisthenics for a month on top of free weights and weight lifting. I saw some results in strength but not as good body weight performance, meaning like I wasn’t able to do the crazy walk on 2 hands and all the crazy things most can do, and I think there are two reasons I didn’t see the best results.

 One- because cathletics will take months to master body weight and I only took a month. Two- Weight lifting on top of Calisthenics are good for strength, but not for mastering bodyweight. So doing weight lifting which is a series of explosive heavy exercises with a muscle group doing all the work and another not. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of Calisthenics which is your entire body in a motion doing a full body workout (most of the time). 

I’m not saying I’m 100% correct but this is just what I’ve seen from my experience! So i recommend you chose a path of weight lifting or calisthenics to see maximum results in whatever your goal is.

TOP 10 Best Calisthenics Exercises!

  1. Pushups. (Push Ups work the triceps, chest, and core. Great for every workout)
  2. Situps. (Another simple and easy workout to work your abs and core!)
  3. Pullups. (Works your upper body and is probably best for mastering Bodyweight!)
  4. Dips. (Dips are great for building shoulder strength and tricep strength)
  5. Planks. (Great for core strength)
  6. Lunges. (Try many at a time)
  7. Burpees. (A Great Leg workout and even upper body if you add the push up!)
  8. Leg Raises
  9. Chin Ups
  10. Jump Squats

Those are the 10 best calisthenics workouts for strength and definition!

Source: All this is from personal experience through experimenting in the weight room/gym and sports I’ve been in!

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