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Hello Everyone!

CBM Physicals is here to help bring everyone a perfect fit life that will be easy to achieve with very few steps and less money. You will not have to buy products from us or have to go through any scam like processes. Give you tips from my personal experiences in the gym!

Just straight fitness!!

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  • CBM Physicals Bulking!!
    Best Bulking Diet Programs for Insane Gains!! Insane Bulk Bulking and cutting are some of the best essentials for seeing crazy progress in the gym. If you are “overweight” or “bigger than you want to be” you start with a cut. Cutting burns all the fat off your body and replaces it with lean muscle,Continue reading “CBM Physicals Bulking!!”
  • BEST Calisthenic Workouts for beginners!
    Top 10 Best Calisthenic Workouts for strengthening your muscles! MASTER BODYWEIGHT What Are Calisthenics?? Calisthenic exercises are bodyweight only workouts, like pushups and situps. Cathetics take longer to see results, but if you consistently keep up with them you will see amazing definition and strength.     I recently tried calisthenics for a month on topContinue reading “BEST Calisthenic Workouts for beginners!”

Posting new fitness tips and workouts every day!

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Aiden Nelson. Recently I’ve found a very large passion for fitness and the gym. I’ve always wanted to be an influencer so now is my chance. I’m ganna show you guys my journey and progress while also helping you guys also! I consider my self a more advanced lifter due to all the research and exercises I know! So I’m ready to start this journey with you!